Your trading needs to be easy, simple and as stress free as possible.      

Reduce the stress, feel in control and you will trade well.       

Trade well and you make money.

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The method I focus on is medium term trend trading. Rather than hold a stock too long and watch it give back all its gains, or hold it forever in the hope one day it will come back to where you bought it, I like to use a method that will sell a relatively small loser before it becomes a big loser, and save as much capital as I can on that bad performer so I can re-employ that money back into the better performing stocks.

I don’t want to do it too often.  I don’t want it to be too hard.  I don’t want it to be too risky.  And I certainly don’t want to spend enormous amounts of time doing it.

Have a look at this next graph, it displays the results achieved the last 5 years using the eBook system Trading Mindfully using Winning Probability.

Graphs last updated 23/9/19


eBook 5 years

The graph above shows the eBook system's performance the last 5 years. The Blue line is the buy and hold line of the XAO or the "All Ords" index. Light green on the chart shows the equity curve, dark green shows the cash. Note how the system almost completely cashed out during the correction in December 2018.

This system averaged 30% p.a. It has some great periods and some not so great. But if you don't stay in the market and trade your method, you won't get the big gains when they come along. The more simple and robust your method and plan, the more inclined you will be to stay in the market.

One of my objectives is to show people a simple method to trade, one that will get them used to being in the market, increase their chances of winning, reduce the chances of loss while they build their confidence along with a knowledge base for themselves.

Advanced Methods

Here is the same system trading a group of stocks with strong fundamental criteria, and an added Profit Preserve sell signal. A signal that preserves profits in strong stocks. You can see how much smoother the equity curve is, not giving you the big pullbacks in the market that are hard to cope with psychologically. These methods I teach at my courses or to clients that work with me one on one.

eBook 5 yearsPP