Easy Share Trading Personal Coaching and help or assistanceI am a compassionate person but I think I would have killed for a coach when I first started trading, I tried to find one but couldn’t.

There are good reasons for this, such as:

  1. There are not many full time traders.
  2. The ones that are around seem to be reclusive and quiet people, they are just not interested in other traders.
  3. Some very good traders choose to protect their own mindset by staying alone in the fear of being negatively influenced by others.
  4. The ones that are interested in other traders don’t have the ability or struggle to impart a wealth of knowledge.
  5. Some people look negatively upon those that trade for a living, so many traders keep to themselves.

I understand the above points and at times share those feelings, however I enjoy other people and have a passion for trading education.

I took a break from courses and lectures and am in the process of updating the neglected website.
However in the meantime I have continued to coach privately, below are some details I send out to people like your self.

I scan and analyze the market with software called Wealth Lab. WL is a big learning curve and I don't suggest you get it if you are not reasonably proficient at computer work. You can look at details of the software here. http://www.wealth-lab.com/ It costs 800 dollars US to purchase and there is an ongoing yearly fee, from memory thats around 150 US $. Also you will need data. I subscribe to premium data which costs $30 A a month. So the initial outlay is not cheap and you dont want to do it without commitment as its a learning curve. If you have any questions about all that or any other software you may use we can discuss when your ready. The 52 week high I PUBLISH FOR FREE each week is a good buy signal , but the important thing is to buy stocks trending up, and stocks that have good fundamentals, sizing is ALL important, we can discuss that also at length.  I encourage traders to move away from the traditional stocks (banks, BHP etc) as more money is to be made just as safely in other stocks and sectors, some find this very challenging as they are attached to the big named stocks and higher dollar stocks.

I find most students/clients spend around 1500 dollars with me.

This breaks down to around 9 hours face to face (or skype) at 100 an hour (otherwise personel coaching is $110 an hour)

plus 200 dollars to cover the cost of the modules (at least 4 sometimes more depending on what we are working on) and $400 to cover the system development.

That totals $1500. Some people do not require that much time others want more, but on average it seems to be a good number.

Trading courses and tuition is incredibly expensive (elsewhere) , I have a competitor in Qld that charges 660 to write a system code, you have to supply the rules.

My trading coach lives in the US. He charges US 1000 a day for tuition not including any system work, that is extra averaging out at US 1000 a day, no coding.

Despite the initial cost I wished I had of learnt earlier how to system trade and backtest, the money I lost was probably ten times what it would have cost me to learn to trade properly, (not to mention the lost opportunity cost) but good teachers are rare and a lot of courses are rubbish. So look around.

If you would like to talk about it my number to ring is below

Also if you google ATAA (australian technical analysts association) you may find more info about me as I have done many presentations for that organisation. You may think I have given you "too much" info for free, as there are a number of systems with the rules on this website for you too consider. However successful trading is not just about technical knowledge but the psychology and how you put it all together. Consider that point at length, its VERY important and its where coaching is invaluable. So, have a read and I suggest we have a phone call to discuss if you want to proceed and in what format, I am open to any structure that will help you, with or without purchasing software. Also just ring anytime for a no obligation chat, the market can be a minefield and best to gather as much info as possible before starting, with me or anyone.

Email or phone me for a customized coaching session

PH: 0403821523

I wish you all the best in your trading journey.



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