• Simplicity


    You don’t need complicated day or end of day trading systems to make good money from the market. Often, Less is More. Read More
  • Mind Work

    Mind Work

    Your trading behaviour mirrors your behaviour in life, you will need to work as hard on yourself as you do your trading. Read More
  • The Method

    The Method

    Peter's method done correctly far outperforms the standard method of buy and hold, and most short term systems. Read More
  • Medium Term Trading

    Medium Term Trading

    I focus on weekly trading using medium-term systems which allow you to trade with less stress and therefore clarity of mind. For most people, short-term trading is not sustainable: mentally, emotionally or financially. Read More
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Peter Castle

Welcome! I started trading part time in 1996 moving to a full time career as a trader and professional investor in 2000. Having an holistic view of trading I have worked on developing myself and my methods over the years and am interested in helping you achieve trading or investing success.

During my 17 years as a full time trader I have traded options, warrants, commodities, currencies, CFD’s, and indices, but now specialise in only ASX shares. I have an interest in ethical investing.

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