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Hello and welcome again.  2021 is my 22nd year of full-time trading and investing. I have been trading for 27 years.

During that time I have worked hard to develop easy stress free methods to trade, adopting the philosophy Less is More.

I believe trading can be easy and simple, however being human we complicate it.

Easy Share Trading was formed in 2011 to complement my passion for trading and provide a quality teaching service to the trading community.

My current interests are trading, coaching, presenting, writing, meditation, eastern philosophy, staying fit and helping others.      


Rev. Taishin Shodo (Peter Castle)

After many years of studying Buddhism throughout Asia and Australia, including a 2 year stay as a resident in a monastery, I was ordained as a Zen priest in the Mugendo Zen Kai tradition. (Order of the Boundless Way) This tradition is officially recognized and associated with the Rinzai Zen tradition of Japan.

Zen has helped me enormously with my trading and life, I use it as a complement to my teaching.

Recently I completed a course in Chaplaincy with the Buddhist Council of NSW complementing my interest in the contemporary use of Zen in Western culture.


Peter lives at at Kincumber on the Central Coast, around 80km north of the Sydney CBD.