The signals below are so you can follow trades that make NEW 52 week highs.

A new 52 week high is when the stock price is at its highest close (or equal to the highest close) counting back 52 weeks.

If a stock continues to make new highs, for example in the 53rd and 54th week, they are now regarded as ROLLING highs, not NEW 52 week highs.To clarify again, the buy signal for THIS system discussed is a NEW  52nd week or 1 year closing high, not a rolling high as is often printed in the papers or posted elsewhere on the internet.

Also, the signals provided are the ones used in the Course System 2 and the Course Pyramid System, WITHOUT A BULL FILTER.

Those of you that have done my courses or attended personal trading lessons will know what Bull filters are. It is at your discretion to employ these filters or not, it is best that you have decided if you are to employ the filters or not, and STICK TO that decision.

Other parameters (along with the 52 week closing high) to be met for the signal to be valid are: The 11 EMA weekly is to be above a 12 EMA weekly  (to define the trend has been in place a few months, not a recent price spike which is likely to fail)

The exit used FOR THIS METHOD is the 7/12 EMA crossover. Therefore, some stocks will be re signalling a new high buy signal if they have been recently exited by using the 7/12 exit within the last 12 months. This is important and you need to understand this.

Of course the 7 EMA needs to be above the 12 EMA to make the 52 week high valid, (otherwise we would be selling straight away) nearly always this is the case, but rarely if a stock spikes it is not.

So to repeat, the rules are: USING WEEKLY PARAMETERS!


Share price to make a 52 closing (or equal to) week high (when selecting a buy, favour the cheapest stock)

The 11 ema to be above the 12 ema

The 7 ema to be above the 12ema


if the 7 ema crosses below the 12 ema

The above system contains no position sizing, bull or bear filters or fundamental stock selection, these are discussed and  taught to private clients or at my courses.


These are the 52 week closing highs for the week ending 7/12/18









Remember these scans are not using a Bull filter. The signals are for the simple 52 week CLOSING high entry and 7/12 EMA crossover exit system only.
This chart below shows two volume indicators, the On Balance Volume and the Chaiken Money Flow (displayed in green) using a 13 week format.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 7/12/18: (see charts below)


Not a lot has changed this week. Volume indicators have kicked up a little, this "feels" and looks like a bottoming process,

however with the continual falling of the US markets our market wont go anywhere. In fact we may visit 5500 sooner than later.

It might take this to exhaust the sellers. The chart below shows again the US500, its a daily chart so we cant read too much

into it. Fridays reversal of price now makes the chart look like it wants to fall more, despite volume indicators suggesting

support. Its wait and see.


MARKET COMMENTS: As of 30/11/18: (see charts below)


Volume picks up and the price falls a little. OBV verifies what I said last week, buyers are on the sidelines waiting. The 13

week CMF indicator looks stronger, its a slower moving indicator, however it does show good support in the longer term.

It would not surprise me to see the index reach down for the 5500 region, it may only be for a day or two but perhaps we

need to do that to exhaust the sellers. This is a correction, not a bear market. Once sellers are exhausted the

balance of power (emotion) will change to buying and the market will rally. The US market (see chart below) looks stronger

but thats been the trend for years.  The Australian markets big 3 sectors, banking, resources and property all underperformed

this week.


MARKET COMMENTS: As of 23/11/18: (see charts below)

I have posted 3 charts this week, lets look at the one above first. A concern is the breakdown of the OBV trendline, even

though the 13 period CMF looks much more supportive. Its not a good sign that the OBV has broken down, it often indicates

more falls. Lets look at the 2nd chart.

Below you can see a longer term chart, I have drawn the longer term trend lines on it. There is long term support around

5500, this market could fall to that level before regaining the uptrend. We are not in a bear market, not yet, it would need

to fall below the trendline at 5400 for a bear market to really take hold. Scroll below for the 3rd chart.

I have posted again the US 500. Its a daily chart and you can clearly see the divergence between price and indicators,

although volume is not strong, its not weak either. Daily charts lead the weekly charts, and weekly charts lead the monthly,

so this positive looking daily chart could produce a strong performance next week in the US.

It appears to me there is indecision as if to buy this market or not. Whilst the indecision remains, downside out weighs the


MARKET COMMENTS: As of 16/11/18: (see charts below)

The market reverses this week after two up weeks. The volume indicators are hanging in there. The eBook system buy filter

is keeping traders of that system out of the market, which may prove to be the best strategy. Peters Portfolio continues to cash

up with another stock sold this week. This week I have posted below a chart of the US  SP500. It's in a daily format and you

can see last nights trading (their Friday) shows an up bar with volume supporting the rise. The Australian market correlates

closely to this index and if it holds up ours should too.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 9/11/18: (see charts below)

The market continues to recover from the sell off. I notice now market commentators are saying it was irrational and over

done, I didnt hear that 2 weeks ago! Ignore the news, trade your method. The volume indicators above are suggesting the

index has more to rise next week. Peters Portfolio had another strong recovery week. Two new 52 week highs in ASX 200

this week, a good sign confidence is returning.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 2/11/18: (see charts below)

Well we got the bounce the volume and price indicators were suggesting. I have gone back to a weekly bar chart, it shows

this weeks price action more clearly than the line chart. I would have liked to have seen a stronger week, but considering

the Aussie market jumped out of the gates before the U.S. did, it was a good week. Peters Portfolio bounced even better,

it has more cash now in reserve, to either sit out further falls or buy into stocks as they trigger. I notice the rhetoric from

some market commentators is already changing, saying that things may be not be as bad as first thought. Ignore all talking

heads and trade your method. No one knows.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 26/10/18: (see charts below)


So it's been a horrible 2 weeks (if you are long the market, great if you were short) let's look at a longer term chart first to

see if it is as bad as some people are thinking. The monthly chart above shows the long term price of the All Ords still trending

up, with the long term blue trend line still rising.

The two volume indicators the CMF (displayed in green and adjusted to a 3 month period to reflect the monthy scale)

and the OBV (in black) are showing a positive divergence, (price down but volume still holding up) It could verify what I said 2 weeks ago,

sellers seem non commited, now let's look at the weekly chart.

The price of the All Ords has come down to the blue horizontal resistance line. My experience is that horizontal resistance lines are

not as strong as trend lines, so it could fall below that line, but then it has the monthly up trend line to meet, as shown in

the monthly chart above. The CMF has been adjusted back to a 13 period, as it is normally displayed. Both weekly volume indicators reflect

what the monthly chart does, price falling but positive volume dvergence. There are 3 trading days left to the end of the month, to

me the probability of a rally outweighs the probability of more falls, but it's wait and see, we are not in the game of prediction, so the best

thing as always, is stick to YOUR plan.





 MARKET COMMENTS: As of 19/10/18: (see charts below)


The XAO has a small bounce this week. Hopefully you have not been stopped out of too many positions. If you have,

they dont deserve to be in your portfolio. I am having server problems, some of you may not have received my newsletter

last week, click on the link from last weeks comments below, to access it.


MARKET COMMENTS: As of 12/10/18: (see charts below)



Tonight I sent a newsletter, you can read it here.

The market has price and volume sitting on support. For those that believe in the Bull market its a great time to buy. Those

volume indicators above on the chart look very strong, this could be the correction we had to have before the next rally.

Peters Portfolio, like everyones got smacked this week, down around 4.5%. However only one stock is giving a sell signal which

is a good sign. I notice Nick Radge put an email out today too, saying his portfolios were down between 8 and 14 %, there is

always someone worse off than yourself! Last week the Bull filter worked a treat, not allowing any buying before the big fall.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 5/10/18: (see charts below)


The XAO continues to flounder a little. The eBook system filter wanting us to wait. 52 week highs are mainly in the resource stocks,

reflected in the 2nd chart above of the XJR. Those not using a bull filter can buy, those that are wont. It's important to make your

decision about filters and stick to it. Sometimes bull filters  make you miss a trade, but they can also save your backside if the market

turns south quickly.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 28/9/18: (see charts below)


The market recovers slowly. The bull filter is in positive mode. Volumes look to be confirming the trend. Nothing more to

say except follow your method. If you don't have a method, seriously consider getting one. The last 4 weeks were a testing time for some,

particularly those without solid rules. Peter's Portfolio rose a little, around 0.4%, it will be posted on the site in a day or two.

It's up 20.5% in 11 months, which is line with the back testing. It's always heartening to see portfolios perform in line with the testing.

Not all portfolios perform in line with back testing, mainly because  of the different start dates. Two traders using the same system will often

get different results, as their portfolios differ. This is a good thing, as if everyone had the same start date, and so the same stocks, they

would be competing for the same buys and sells, limiting opportunity. Whatever system you trade it takes patience and discipline.

Keep good records, execute the process to the best of your ability. Until next week. Peter.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 21/9/18: (see charts below)

Volumes are back and price rises. The OBV looks very strong, the CMF still a little weak. The eBook system is still waiting to buy,

next week may bring confirmation of what to do, wait more or buy. In the mean time most stocks are holding. No trades this

week for Peters Portfolio and there will be none next week either, which is great, it means stocks are trending and nothing to

do except let the process take care of itself. Stick to the system. Peters Portfolio rose almost 1% this week as the market

rose 0.4%.


MARKET COMMENTS: As of 14/9/18: (see charts below)

The XAO has a quiet week. Volumes are low. The OBV is holding up well and  the CMF volume indicator (13 week

period) while looking bad is just confirming what we know. Price and volume have fallen. The bull filter for the eBook

system is still saying step aside and wait. Very few new 52 week highs this week as the market rally takes a breather.

Peters Portfolio had a good week, making a new equity high and rising around 2.5% helped along by some dividends.


MARKET COMMENTS: As of 7/9/18: (see charts below)

The XAO fell this week, below the eBook Bull filter, so its stand aside for those using that method. Volume support remains

with both the OBV and the CMF (13 period) holding up. Looking at the chart above the recent sell off looks like its overdone,

a panic on low volume. However we are not in the game of predicting but responding, so dont second guess the market. As I

always say, trade your method and be as detached as possible. Next week will be interesting. Peters Portfolio held up very well

this week, a main contributor being NST with its merger announcement.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 31/8/18: (see charts below)


This week its the Mid Caps that rallied. As I said last week the market seems strong across the board. Trade your system.

Stick to the rules, get out of way, and let the market and your method do its thing!

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 24/8/18: (see charts below)

This week was another indication of how the XAO can be a deceiving index as to what's really going on in the market.

I have posted 2 charts this week, the usual XAO and also the Small Ords, which you can see had a big week. There are

19 stocks this week in the top 500 making a new closing 52 week high, thats a lot, indicating the breadth of this market.

Breadth meaning the market is strong across the board, not just the top 10 that dominates the XAO index. Peters Portfolio

had a strong week, a benefit of the fact it is dominated by small and mid caps with good fundamentals.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 17/8/18: (see chart below)


The index breaks up and out of its 5 week consolidation, read last weeks commennts and also the comments I made going back

a few weeks. The market looks strong again, indicated by a large number of 52 week highs (12 in the top 500) this week.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 10/8/18: (see chart below)

The All Ords continues to track sideways. This was the 5th week that the index found resistance around the 6400 area.

The OBV indicator is suggesting higher prices, the CMF appears positive too. The strategy is trade your system and be patient.

Higher prices will come, this is a traditional slow time of year before the market often rallies into Xmas.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 3/8/18: (see chart below)



The market backs off a little this week but its not telling us much. Stick to the system is the best option.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 27/7/18: (see chart below)

The big picture I mentioned last week dominates. Volume picks up and the market rallies. There is no short term sign of

weakness. The old market highs pre GFC are really not that far away (around 470 points or a little over 7% away).

We could be there by Christmas.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 20/7/18: (see chart below)


Price continues to push higher but volume is decreasing, the same pattern as the last few weeks. Its wait and see what

happens over the next few weeks. The big picture looks strong, the monthly chart below shows a healthy trend channel

and large volume coming into the market in May and June.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 13/7/18: (see chart below)

The XAO continues to rise, but there is now a divergence betwen price and volume. Volume is weakening suggesting buyers are

tapped out. Also there is only one new 52 week closing high in the alerts this week, indicating weakness. A pullback or at least consolidation

looks probable.

Peters portfolio managed a small rise this week because some stocks rallied well, but others are falling. Interesting times. I suggested

last week the market was churning, money is being re alloctaed and my portfolio is certainly showing that. One of the good things about

buying 52 week highs is that the strategy normally puts you where the money is going, without having to think about it. It will be

interesting to see what stocks and sectors start to trigger in the coming weeks and months as the churning subsides and decisions are



MARKET COMMENTS: As of 6/7/18: (see chart below)

The XAO goes higher but with less volume. Not all stocks are rising, it seems there is some churning happening. Money being

relocated into other sectors. Peters Portfolio got whacked again this week with the fall in ELD.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 29/6/18: (see chart below)

Prices and volume recede a little this week, the XAO seems to be getting help from the falling Aussie dollar, as the market

has been resilient to falls on overseas indices. One would expect more consolidation, but it is dangerous to expect or

predict. The trend is strong and up. Peters Portfolio suffered a little this week due to falls in HSN, any stock not perfroming

fundamentally well is punished and MTS and HSN are recent victims.

MARKET COMMENTS: As of 22/6/18: (see chart below)


Well when I said last week the high in January looks to be taken out soon......I didnt think it would be this week. Goes to show

what I always say, no one can predict. The best we have is probability. This market has been rising, even when it was dipping it

never lost volume support, so probability of more rises was greater than the probability of market falls. Re read my comments below

on the 20/4/18 and the 4/5/18, and learn to read the OBV filter, it will tell you more than any analyst or market commentator. The CMF

looks in over bought territory, but it doesnt mean the price will fall, its just letting us know volume is high, and we knew that didnt we?


MARKET COMMENTS: As of 15/6/18: (see chart below)


The market continues to rise. More volume chimes in. The high in January looks like it could be over taken sometime soon,

Peters Portfolio had a good week rising over 2 percent.


MARKET COMMENTS: As of 8/6/18: (see chart below)