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 Last update of this system was 25th Sept 2021

Ever thought about a monthly trading system? The system below* works on a monthly time frame. All buys and sells are at the beginning of each new month. Using 5% of capital per trade this system does just 20 trades a year and averages a return of 20% p.a. Not including dividends.

If you don't have a lot of time to spend trading - or don't want to, this is an option for busy people managing their own funds.

Monthly Ben

* This system (Monthly Ben) is a simulation, using data on the ASX 300. The chart displays a benchmark buy and hold line of the ASX 300.

The data is fully adjusted for survivor-ship bias, testing all symbols that are present in the index now, and when the trade buy was signaled.

Although this is a simulation for display purpose, I have clients that trade monthly systems with similar and even better results. These improved results are achieved by creating lists of stocks with solid economic fundamentals, the stocks most likely to outperform. Many clients also used advanced position sizing techniques.

If you would like the buy and sell rules of this system, along with expansive data and individual results, it is available for purchase below. I have other monthly systems with more agressive rules for those less risk averse.


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