Mindful Trading using Winning Probability - Download

mindful trading cover600The 2 main reasons traders don’t make money from the market:

1/ they don’t have a system or method to trade   (Knowledge)

2/ even if they do have a method, they don’t stick to it   (Psychology)

This book contains a complete weekly trend trading system, stating the rules and process to follow, details and examples of past performance, extensive written explanation of each rule accompanied with charting examples.

However most importantly, where the winning probability exists in this weekly trend trading system and why.

Often the reason traders don’t stick to a system is that the system they have is either too difficult or they do not know the historical performance of the method they employ. Once they realise this and seek to rectify that issue, be that issue technical or psychological, they have made a quantum leap in trading mastery and the real trading and investing journey begins. This book will show you why your current method is not working, or if it is, how you can improve it.


Chapter 1: Objectives
Chapter 2: Explanation of Moving Averages
Chapter 3: Rules of the Method
Chapter 4: Rule 1 - The Bull Filter
Chapter 5: Rule 2 - The Entry
Chapter 6: Rule 3 - Buy low price stocks
Chapter 7: Rule 4 - The Exit
Chapter 8: Rule 5 - Amount of capital allocation to each stock
Chapter 9: Review of the rules
Chapter 10: Statistics of the system
Chapter 11: Monte Carlo
Chapter 12: The Pareto Principle
Chapter 13: Commonly asked questions
Chapter 14: Where to start and a personal comment from Peter

pdfYou can download a sample of each chapter from the e-book here

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